Ayurvedic Treatment for Irregular Periods (PCOD)

PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease):

In India amongst every 10 women, there is one suffering from PCOD and it is most common in the case of teenagers.

What is PCOD?

        PCOD is a condition of irregular periods occurring in women which is related to the ovaries. From the moment when a female starts having a menstrual cycle i.e. from the age of 12 up to the stage of menopause i.e. at the stage of 50, every month ovum is released in the ovaries of a female. Sometimes due to improper/reduced growth, the ovum is left away in the ovary in the form of a cyst. Due to such repeated action, many cyst-like structures are collected in the ovaries which causes the ovary to swell. This also causes painful menses.   In order to have a regular menstrual cycle, the growth of the ovum on time and its release after that is very much required, or else due to the improper growth of the ovum, it is more likely to not get pregnant and have an irregular menstrual cycle. This is what is known as P.C.O.D [Polycystic ovarian disease ].

         Due to this disease feminism starts reducing whereas there is an increase in male hormones, which leads to the irregular menstrual cycle. In some cases, the occurrence of the menstrual cycle depends completely on medication whereas during the menstrual cycle there is an increased or reduced flow of blood.

Following are some common symptoms of PCOD:

          Irregular periods are the most common symptom of PCOD. PCOD may also lead to dryness of skin, darkness in the skin, getting dark spots on the skin, the occurrence of pimples or acne on the face as well as body, increased weight at a higher rate, hair fall or split ends. Some women may have unwanted hair growth on the chin, upper lips, limbs, stomach, boredom, irritation, depression. Some women also experience ineffectiveness of exercise as well as medication used for reducing weight etc. and such symptoms are caused due to imbalance of female hormones.

Causes of PCOD:

             The exact cause of PCOD is unknown. But some of the factors responsible for it include – present western lifestyle, where there is lack of exercise, irregular meals, high intake of fast food /junk food, waking up late, late-night sleeping habits, high carrier orientation, mental stress, etc. which cause an increase in the male hormones/hormonal imbalance and ultimately irregular periods

Ayurvedic Treatment of PCOD:

                  Hence while treating this disease it is required to follow the rules set by mother nature and maintain the balance of seven tissues [sapta dhatus]. The treatment for strengthening the uterus and increasing the efficiency of tissues along with physical exercise for improved physical and mental efficiency is very helpful in treating P.C.O.D

         Other forms of treatment are temporary and more focused on medication for the immediate occurrence of the menstrual cycle. With the use of Ayurvedic medication, the menstrual cycle is regularized and it may also be helpful for a person to get rid of infertility naturally thereby leading to pregnancy due to the formation of the ovum.

Ayurvedic diet and activities for PCOD

A strict diet routine has to be followed during the entire treatment of PCOD since many physiological systems are impaired in this condition.


1) Exercise regularly

2) Include vegetables like bitter guard and drumsticks in the diet.

3) Check blood glucose level pre & post-lunch.

4) Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.

5) Take proper rest.


1) Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking.

2) Avoid Black gram, sour items, chilies, and salted food items.

2) Avoid refrigerated/chilled food.

3) Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

4) Avoid daytime sleep as it may worsen the PCOD situation.

5) Avoid milk and milk products, particularly yogurt, curd, and buttermilk.

6) Avoid fish and jaggery.

PCOD Treatment at Shree Sai Ayurvedic Clinic:

        Shree Sai Ayurvedic Clinic is a renowned Infertility Clinic in PCMC. Since body and mind together are interdependent, Ayurveda considers it as a single unit in the treatment process. At our clinic in PCMC, we provide Ayurvedic medicines for PCOD And All Other treatments which are 100% herbal. The aim of treatment is to correct the hormonal imbalance. Every treatment procedure or medicine will be prescribed only after taking into consideration each complaint presented by the patient such as diabetes, obesity, etc. The treatment includes Panchakarma techniques such as Vaman, Virechan, Basthi/Uttar Basthi, Shirodhara, and Nasya depending on severity and patient’s requirement.

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