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Options for IVF

Becoming a mother is a natural instinct in women, but until their early to mid-30s, they are busy building their career, relationships or focusing on other life issues. Unfortunately getting pregnant stays on the back burner. As they near their late 30s and early 40s, they realize that time is running out and if they want to get pregnant, this is the time. It is a great thought, but as the age increases, the rate of fertility decreases. Women’s fertility starts to decline in their early 30s, with the decline speeding up after 35. At 40 a woman only has a 5% chance of becoming pregnant in any given month.

Few women get good results with IUI / IVF but for others conception does not happen even after many tries. It also takes a toll on their physical body and they go through an emotional roller coaster.

Sai sai ayurvedic clinic and give you a proper Option for IVF in PCMC.It is an authentic, holistic and natural treatment clinic, designed to complement and support the health-care services provided by us.

Many women these days are considering more natural routes like Ayurveda and are getting positive results.
Here’s how Ayurveda can help:

For example, if you want to grow a healthy plant in your garden, you need soil, rich in nutrients, a good quality seeds, the right season to sow the seeds and regular watering so the seeds will blossom into a vibrant plant. Conception works exactly the same.

Couple’s goal is to conceive and grow a healthy baby. First, the reproductive system (like soil) must function properly. Issues like Endometriosis, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) impede women from getting pregnant; Men may have issues with Low Sperm Count, Low Motility, Abnormal Morphology, etc. so those issues need to be addressed first. Women may have been on birth control pills, or have ovarian issues that may become obstacle to produce healthy ova. These issues must also be addressed well in advance. If the menstrual cycle (the right season) is irregular or prolonged, it needs to be regularized. The diet (watering)before and during the pregnancy must be nutritious. Lifestyle factors such as sound sleep, stress reduction, timely eating need to be followed properly.

So, besides the age factor, there can be many other issues that cause infertility. Ayurveda deals with all such issues and helps with conception.

At our clinic, We recommend the following steps:

  1. Getting an Initial Ayurvedic consultation
  2. Following diet and life style recommendations
  3. Completing a weeklong Panchakarma session
  4. Taking herbal supplements to assist in conception

Option for IVF (Panchkarma Treatment )

A weeklong Panchkarma is a thorough detox procedure, which opens the clogged channels, so all of the systems including the reproductive system, start functioning optimally and the quality of sperms and ova improves. Panchkarma also benefits by promoting sound sleep, reducing stress and replenishing energy, which are important factors in conception. After Panchkarma the couples continue with the balancing diet and natural herbs. Here Sai sai ayurvedic clinic gives you best Option for ivf in PCMC.

Panchkarma for Fertility Treatments include:

Uttar Basti For Women :

A unique mixture composed of ghee is inserted transvaginally during the 5th, 6th and 7th days of menstruation for 3 to 6 cycles consistently. It is a painless Ayurvedic treatment for pregnancy which is carried out with great caution. Uttar Basti nourishes the endometrial lining and sets it for implantation of the embryo. It boosts the irregular ovulation cycles, Abnormal menstrual cycles, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Clog in the fallopian tubes, Presence of uterine fibroids. This procedure maintains the alkalinity of the uterine opening and vagina, paving the path for faster mobility of sperm.

Uttar Basti For Men :

In Men, the medication is inserted via their urinary tracts. This medicated ghee possesses the energy to improve Spermatogenesis, Augmentation of spermatozoa, Epididymis and Prostate. This is the ideal Ayurvedic remedy for males detected as Asthenospermia or Oligospermia.