Dr. Avinash Deore


What is Nasya?

Nostril is considered as the pathway of brain. Nasya means administration of medicines through the nostrils. Medicated oils, Ghruta, Decoction, are installed into nostrils for various diseases. It also acts on Hormonal system like Thyroid & Pituitary Gland.

Benefits of Nasya :

  1. Deviated nasal septum, Allergic Rhinitis.
  2. Sinusitis, Migraine, vertigo, Hair loss, early greying of hair.
  3. Insomnia, Paralysis, Facial Palsy, Parkinsonism.
  4. Loss of sense of smell.
  5. Improves memory.
  6. Diseases related with Head, Eyes and Nose.
  7. Frozen shoulder, Locked Jaw.

Dr. Avinash Deore

(MD – Ayurveda Medicine)
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