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Infertility Research Center – Ayurvedic IVF Centre in Koparkhairane, Mumbai

Test Tube Baby – IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) generally recognized as “test tube baby” has changed the lives of millions of infertile couples. With modern advancements, the results of IVF treatment are now very hopeful test tube baby process and further improving daily all over the world. Choose the best Ayurvedic IVF Centre in Koparkhairane, Mumbai as an Ayurvedic  Infertility Clinic. By the IVF treatment it possible to experience their dream of having a baby   Shreesai Ayurvedic Clinic is  an infertility research centre in Koparkhairane, Mumbai is one of the best Ayurvedic Infertility clinics in Koparkhairane, Mumbai.

What is IVF?

IVF is a boon for couples who are taking effort to conceive a child. IVF process includes manual contact between an egg and sperm in a lab dish and then the developed embryo is planted in the uterus. IVF was first completed in test tube hence this procedure is also called a test tube baby process.

Due to different infertility causes such as issues in fallopian tubes, ovulation issues in female, male factor infertility, genetic disorder or any unknown reasons, when a female becomes unable to get pregnant, IVF is useful. With the help of clinical and medications procedure, couples enjoy the experience of becoming parents. Additionally, the possibility of child defects is rare in IVF because the pregnancy is conducted in a common way.

What is IVF Treatment/ Test Tube Baby Procedure?

IVF or In-vitro fertilization is also named as the Test Tube Baby procedure that was discovered over 30 years ago for the infertility treatment of females whose Fallopian tubes are severely injured to fertilize eggs. Today it has become a renowned treatment for serving couples in achieving experience to become parents. Couples who are suffering from fertility problems are offered to get IVF Treatment in Pcmc, Pune provided by our specialized staff and also explains the whole IVF treatment procedure before going for it…

IVF Symptoms:

Patients who receive IVF treatment generally experience spotting or irregular periods after two weeks of implantation. The embryo burrows into uterus cause bleeding and pains. It shows the pregnancy, however, does not confirm. Dissimilarity in the breast can be the best symptom of IVF pregnancy. To make sure success rates, choose the Best IVF Treatment Centre in PCMC, Pune…

Age Limit of Women for IVF Procedure:

The natural fertility capacity extensively decreased in women at age 40. They also look at considerably lower pregnancy rates in IVF for women over 40. Fertility in women above age 35 is a difficult challenge. The risk rates are higher in IVF at 45. However, it all depends on egg quality. If the eggs created are healthy and the embryo is also developed properly, IVF over 50 would also be successful. The age limit for vitro basically depends on the capacity of women that how she holds the implantation.

Benefits of IVF:

IVF is most important for people who are unable to conceive, it helps in achieving ultimate secure or safe pregnancy and a healthy or fit baby. It is useful to people in realizing their dream of having a baby.

Limitations of IVF:

IVF may be unsuccessful and patients require to experience several IVF cycles of treatment before receiving a successful pregnancy. If IVF failed, women need to experience from the primary step of treatment until they are successful.

  1. Patient’s age: with increasing such as above 40, success rates reduces usually in IVF.
  2. Embryo Quality: Embryos with hereditary or chromosomal problems are very weak that they do not work for this treatment
  3. Ovarian Response: If ovaries do not respond well to IVF medications such as in case female cannot generate multiple eggs in response to IVF injections.
  4. Implantation problems: In lots of cases when IVF fails, the reason is poor implantation. It is due to the development of embryo stopped unknowingly however there is no one to blame for it. Implantation problems arise in near about 50 per cent of cases.

In the IVF process, generally, several embryos are located into the uterus that results into IVF multiple births in 20 to 30 % cases. The slight chances of developing side effects may also be linked as IVF risks such as the growth of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS. Further, the kids with birth defects such as problems in heart, eyes and other parts have yet not been confirmed that whether these are IVF birth defects or because of female’s fertility problems.

Follicle Size for IVF:

The IVF follicle size should be at least 15mm or more to produce eggs. For this HCG injection is given, after 36 to 40 hours of which, eggs experience their maturation procedure to become capable of fertilization.

Is IVF Painful?

Sometimes implantation is found painful in women, for this pain-free injections or tablets are given to perform embryo implantation painlessly.

IVF Children

IVF is used modern techniques for couples in giving birth to babies of own genes. The IVF children have grown up naturally without defects its completely depending on the age of women when she becomes pregnant and causes of infertility. However, the defects probabilities are rare.